Wednesday, 31 October 2012



For me, Asos, is one of those shops that you just want the majority it's stock! So this week i'm adding more to my wants :) 

1.  You get 3 of these little beauties in one pack, a gold, silver & a copper one.

2. I love this turban.  I have never really been a fan of that whole look, but I just think the bow on the front gives it a different look. 

3. Anything boyfriend fit would be at the top of my list.  I also really love the checked pattern so 2 in 1 really.

4. I have seen a lot more quilted stuff around recently, and I must say I'm feeling it. 

5. I have wanted a pair of these for A.G.E.S and just haven't bought them yet.  I always get worried about them digging in my generous calves and making me look 10 times worse, but no harm in trying I suppose.


6. As I said in my River Island Wants post, i'm a bit in love with Tartan! So this shirt is just perfect, however i'm not a fan of the price tag.

7. The colour of these leggings are lovelyyyyyy, plus they are cord which just tops it all off really!

8. I love a hat. So I want this one for no other reason than, I just want it! Valid reason I know..

9. This little piece of sexiness is not only my favourite colour but its also suede.  Give it to me now.

It's payday today, the temptation is there, but I MUST restrain myself!

Until next time guys...

Emily x


  1. I love the ear cuff! I agree with you about wanting the majority of Asos' stock! :)

  2. love the ear cuff and mustard shirt


  3. Great want list! I always try and limit how often I go to ASOS's website, it is just too easy to spend lots of money.