Monday, 15 October 2012

Little bit of this..

On Saturday it was my boyfriend's Mum's birthday and she wanted to go to for brunch.  We ended up in this really lovely little vintage place called No. 84 Tearoom and Eatery.  I had me a latte with beans on toast and then (drum roll please) a PB & J Slice....holy hell.  That little thing was actually so nice and made me so happy and I wanted to cry when I couldn't eat it all! All bread and cakes are homemade there on the day and all so beautifully prepared! Elliot had a full english, and apparently it was a lot nicer than those that are sold in a greasy spoon cafe and he didn't feel as though he was going to die of a heart attack after, which for me is always a good sign ha!  It's literally only a tiny little place, but I can safely say I will be going back there again.  So if you're ever in the Kent area, which i'm sure is highly unlikely, you should definitely go there.

Complete change of subject, it's my best pal's 21st in November, ages away I know, but I like to be prepared and I need help.
I had already decided that I really didn't want to buy the old traditional stuff, like something to keep or the crap that had 21 written all over it which actually, most of the time, ends up in the bin anyway! So when speaking about my troubles to a work colleague the other day, she said for her friends 21st she bought her 21 things! Ingenious me thinks, so I stole the idea muhaha!  
I'm going to use one of our moving boxes, fill it with shredded paper and then hide all of the presents within it :D The downside of this is that I now have to try and think of 21 items, that are all very reasonably priced due to large lack of funds to make this present really very cool.  All my friends and family know that when it comes to presents I HAVE to try my very hardest to make sure I buy that person the best thing, which is a good thing I think, however it means that I could potentially spend a bit too much money, so i'm trying to find a medium.  I think i'm going to struggle to think of small, cheapish gifts and so would be eternally grateful for any ideas that y'all have!

I bought another dress this weekend, it was only £16 from George, but I need to stop until I bin half my wardrobe.  I don't care though...I liked it!

Speak Soon

Em x


  1. I love the colour & style of the dress! The 21 presents is a great idea!

  2. Love the dress, it's gorgeous :)