Wednesday, 31 October 2012



For me, Asos, is one of those shops that you just want the majority it's stock! So this week i'm adding more to my wants :) 

1.  You get 3 of these little beauties in one pack, a gold, silver & a copper one.

2. I love this turban.  I have never really been a fan of that whole look, but I just think the bow on the front gives it a different look. 

3. Anything boyfriend fit would be at the top of my list.  I also really love the checked pattern so 2 in 1 really.

4. I have seen a lot more quilted stuff around recently, and I must say I'm feeling it. 

5. I have wanted a pair of these for A.G.E.S and just haven't bought them yet.  I always get worried about them digging in my generous calves and making me look 10 times worse, but no harm in trying I suppose.


6. As I said in my River Island Wants post, i'm a bit in love with Tartan! So this shirt is just perfect, however i'm not a fan of the price tag.

7. The colour of these leggings are lovelyyyyyy, plus they are cord which just tops it all off really!

8. I love a hat. So I want this one for no other reason than, I just want it! Valid reason I know..

9. This little piece of sexiness is not only my favourite colour but its also suede.  Give it to me now.

It's payday today, the temptation is there, but I MUST restrain myself!

Until next time guys...

Emily x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Short and Sweet..

As we all know I have no camera, because of this there is a huge lack of photo's on here!  I only managed to get a couple of the Halloween party I went to :(  You can't even see my tights which is really rather annoying.  I did manage to do the make up though, although not great it did work! 

Brilliant, the only 'proper' picture I get and I look like a big black blob! At least Elliot looks good I suppose.

I have to say this was right at the end of the night and the alcoholic beverages had been flowing for quite some time! Not the best quality due to ancient iphone but I thought my Spidey was cute..

Completely away from Halloween, I feel the need to introduce you to THE most lovely little lady ever...Dotty.

I forgot to ask, i'm trying to sell some clothes.  I have never sold anything on ebay before because of all the fee's that you have to pay, but i'm desperate for some room at home and also some monies.  Is ebay worth it? 

Emily x

Friday, 26 October 2012


I never really dress up or do anything for Halloween. The UK never make as much of a fuss as the US, which I really wish they would because everything would be so much better! However, this year I have seen so much more advertisement for this particular 'holiday' than normal.  My lovely pal is having a party at her flat and I though bugger it, I will dress up properly this year.  Not like last year where I made a very lazy attempt as Wednesday Adams in a stripy jumper & a black skirt with normal make-up :/  My boyfriend HATES anything like this, but I told him that he has to dress up.  That is when he come up with the very creative idea of Bin Man. You read it right, that definitely says Bin Man.  He reckons he can get away with going to a party where everyone will be making lots of effort in a binbag...I laughed in his face and told him he is going as Beetlejuice considering he already has the outfit from previous years.  He wasn't overly impressed!

I'm going to this party as a witch, standard I know, but there is lack of funds at the moment so I am just going to raid my wardrobe and throw some things together for a witchy look! I did go onto ebay and buy me some purple spider tights which are a bit cool...

Unfortunately, my pins are quite like that, but I will pretend that they are for now!

I do think that regardless of the outfit that make up is important.  I haven't got the steadiest of hand's so even doing my own make up at times can prove to be quite difficult.  So for some inspiration I had a gander on Youtube for some tutorials and found a perfect one that would go with my tights :)  Just hoping that my silly hand can stay still for 5 minutes while I do it.


I don't have purple lipstick, but I do have black.  So I will have to go with that!  
Hoping to get some pictures to put up next week.

What are you going as for Halloween?

Emily x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

River Island Wants


1. I love leopard print, all I own though is a couple of skinny belts, a pair of leggings and a top.  I think that this print can sometimes look quite tacky so I love the fact that whilst the watch is quite dainty the strap adds a little bit of something to it.  This will probably be going on my Christmas list.

2. I own about 10 million coats/jackets and do not need anymore, however, this is just so bloody nice!  I originally fell in love with the tartan one, but I think that it would be difficult to style after a while.  But this one, for me, is timeless. 

3. Tartan is amazing, and the cute little silver tips really make these something different. They are the kind of shoes that you would wear to jazz your boring old outfit up...I vant I vant!

4. Right, so I know this looks like underwear but I don't care! I can just imagine teaming it with some boots and my trusty leather jacket.

5.  I just really like the print on this shirt, plus it's over-sized which I much prefer to just your bog standard t-shirt.  When I was in Tunisia with Elliot in the summer there was a lot of Hasma hands around and it just reminds me of being in the sun.

I was never really a fan of River Island, but it seems to have upped it's game a little over the last year or so which I'm, obviously, rather pleased about.  I'm struggling to not go on there and have a spending spree, plus Christmas is coming and I need to fill out my spreadsheet (yes, I said spreadsheet) and keep an eye on the dollar. 


Christmas is my favourite time of year, so you'll be seeing a lot of this :D

Emily x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Clothes & Cake

I have been so ill, it's been horrible!  I can thank the rest of the family for contaminating my fresh healthy air with their devil germs.  The amount of tissues I have been through is ridiculous and doesn't seem to be reducing as time goes on either which is slightly depressing!  
Anyway it was my sisters 18th on Friday, and I had a day off work and decided to man up and go over to Lakeside in Essex with her and Mum to do some shopping.  I'll be honest it didn't last that long because Abi (my sister) was feeling rough to.  I wanted to stay for ages and find me some nice winter bits, but the fact that I could just about keep my eyes open and barely hear anything seemed more important to take care of than my wardrobe!  It probably helped my bank balance though, however, I did get some bits in Primark. 

This is THE warmest little cardy I have ever ever owned! I love the buttons, it has a proper Grandad feel to it.

I'm a right sucker for buying new pants & socks! When they are all silky and cute like this I simply cannot they were £1.70 each - Bargain! 

I had my eye's on this skirt for a while, tried it on a few weeks ago and didn't buy it and then couldn't stop thinking about it as sad as it sounds.  It's not something that I would usually pick because it's a pencil skirt, but my Mum managed to convince me to get it.  I really like it...(in voice of little girl in The Holiday)

As I mentioned above, it was my sisters 18th, and we are Harry Potter geeks. So a few weeks ago when I was looking on the interweb for a butterbeer recipe (cos i'm sad like that) I came across a blog by a lovely lady called Darla from the US.  It's called Bakingdom and it's amazing.  On there I found a Harry Potter cake, I actually almost fainted with excitement because I just knew I had to make it for Abi's birthday! The idea is that it's 4 separate cakes stacked on top of each other, each cake representing a Hogwarts house e.g. Gryffindor would be a red cake with Yellow icing, Slytherin would be green and silver.  Meaning that you would get a kind of striped effect of the inside.  Whilst the outside looked great, the inside didn't look so good.  This only being that because the cake was at room temperature the icing didn't have time to set and all the colours ran into each other when we cut it, but it still looked good.  I didn't actually manage it get a picture of the inside but I have taken one from Bakingdom to show what the inside SHOULD have looked like if we had put it in the fridge...

This is our version of the outside

I, myself, am pretty pleased with the outcome of this to be perfectly honest.  However, it took so bloody long to make I wont be doing it again too soon! 

Emily x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Little bit of this..

On Saturday it was my boyfriend's Mum's birthday and she wanted to go to for brunch.  We ended up in this really lovely little vintage place called No. 84 Tearoom and Eatery.  I had me a latte with beans on toast and then (drum roll please) a PB & J Slice....holy hell.  That little thing was actually so nice and made me so happy and I wanted to cry when I couldn't eat it all! All bread and cakes are homemade there on the day and all so beautifully prepared! Elliot had a full english, and apparently it was a lot nicer than those that are sold in a greasy spoon cafe and he didn't feel as though he was going to die of a heart attack after, which for me is always a good sign ha!  It's literally only a tiny little place, but I can safely say I will be going back there again.  So if you're ever in the Kent area, which i'm sure is highly unlikely, you should definitely go there.

Complete change of subject, it's my best pal's 21st in November, ages away I know, but I like to be prepared and I need help.
I had already decided that I really didn't want to buy the old traditional stuff, like something to keep or the crap that had 21 written all over it which actually, most of the time, ends up in the bin anyway! So when speaking about my troubles to a work colleague the other day, she said for her friends 21st she bought her 21 things! Ingenious me thinks, so I stole the idea muhaha!  
I'm going to use one of our moving boxes, fill it with shredded paper and then hide all of the presents within it :D The downside of this is that I now have to try and think of 21 items, that are all very reasonably priced due to large lack of funds to make this present really very cool.  All my friends and family know that when it comes to presents I HAVE to try my very hardest to make sure I buy that person the best thing, which is a good thing I think, however it means that I could potentially spend a bit too much money, so i'm trying to find a medium.  I think i'm going to struggle to think of small, cheapish gifts and so would be eternally grateful for any ideas that y'all have!

I bought another dress this weekend, it was only £16 from George, but I need to stop until I bin half my wardrobe.  I don't care though...I liked it!

Speak Soon

Em x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Bring Me Joy


I had never heard of Joy before until I was in Greenwich with my boyfriend last year and dragged him in there. I was so chuffed when I did because the clothes are bloody nice! Here are a few bit's I'm loving at the moment...

1.  I have always loved the whole gold on black or silver on black thing.  I think it tends to really make a dressy outfit for this time of year and is perfect for everyone's busy, social and partying schedules.

2.   This jumper is just so blimin' adorable.  They have a few other designs herehere and here, the latter featuring in Grazia.  

3.   My favourite colour is yellow.  I don't particularly wear a huge amount of it because I think it can often be quite an intimidating colour.  But this jacket is just perfect.  It's practically the same as my current winter coat that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas last year from joy in beige, but I want it so baaaaad!

4.  The print on this skirt is lovely! The colours of the flowers just give it a really autumnal feel and would be so nice to wear during the coming weeks.

5.  I love a little bag.  Something that will fit just the key pieces in for your night out, but that also manages to really make an outfit.  This definitely is the bag!


I made a couple a cheeky little purchases recently and am really very happy with them :)

These pieces are all handmade by a Chelsea at Little Teacup Jewellery.  They are honestly so nice and I'm really pleased that I came across them.  You can choose which charm you would like and there are loads to choose from! I am desperate for the ear cuffs and a layered chain double ring, but they are unavailable at the moment. But if you are after some really lovely unique pieces then I would really recommend you get on over to the website!

I am quite tall for a young lady, and finding the right length of dress/skirts or anything really is a right pain in the butt.  I was on Very the other day and came across this Love Label jumper dress that was all sparkly, so I got it in the XL hoping that there would be some extra length in it! It wasn't as much as I hoped for but I have kept it anyways...

I LOVE the zip detail on this, and can't wait to find me a pair of coloured leggings to wear with it!

Emily x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

La o2

I went off to the o2 last night to see Radiohead.  To be honest I'm not their biggest fan in the world but they certainly aren't rubbish! Anyway, the reason that we got to go was because my Mum's boyfriend is a client of some big ole' company who want to keep him happy and so this results in sitting in a box watching a cool band with food and drink all evening for free.  That's right....I said for free!

You get in there and you get your own bar with a lady who serves you your drinks, sofas, a TV, high chair table and then like actual seats to sit and watch the gig.  I'll be honest I was pretty impressed and also applaud mother bears choice of men.  I managed to dig out my camera which is probably more ancient that I remember it.  I gave in using it in the end because my boyfriend's phone has a better camera.  I was hoping to take a lot more pictures, but you know what it's like, time kind of fly's and before you know it you're driving home again.  Anyway, here are a few pictures that I did manage to take.

I know you probably can't see very well, but the whole set up of the stage was pretty amazing.  They didn't have screens either side, just these square panels that move around the stage which acted as the screens!

This kind of food really isn't my sort of thing, but that's all they really had, and it was actually really quite tasty!

Apologies for the bathroom shot.  We are having our house renovated and this is the only mirror in the house that has a bright enough light. As you can probably gather this was what I was wearing, and once again you can't see anything in great detail because of my super crap camera.  That jacket is one of my most favouritest everrrr! 

Bring on Christmas! 
New camera = not shit photo's

I'm going to leave you with one of the songs from Radiohead that I really do like...

Emily x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Zaggora Love

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I'm not in the mood for work this morning at all! Bring on 5pm (it's only 09.45!)

So when I was about 16/17 my Mum's boyfriend introduced me to running as a way to lose weight.  He was a professional runner when he was young and run's up to 10-15 miles most days, so you can imagine the dread for a running virgin. Anyway, I ended up loving it and running everyday and losing about 2.5-3 stone in 3 months.  I've always had quite a bad back, and so was gutted when I did my back in and couldn't run.  When I tried to ease myself back into it, I ended up doing it again and then getting shin splints at the same time.  So under Doctors orders I know longer ran :( 

I ended up joining the gym in May, but found that everything that I did was never as effective as the running.  I have a massive issue with my legs and was desperate for a way to get them to slim down.  It wasn't until I found a little article on the Daily Mail about Holly Willoughby's secret. That's when I found out about Zaggora Hotpants. Whilst researching them I found that they promised that you would lose 2 stone in 2 weeks, and so naturally, I was dubious, but found that lots of people in reviews said that although that's not exactly true they still make a difference. So I gave in and bought them.  When they say that they make you sweat up to 10 times more, they aren't lying.  Without going into tooooo much detail I could basically wring out my pants by the time I got home.  Not only do they aid with weight loss, but they also help to smooth your skin as well & 'rid you of your cellulite'.  Which they most definitely do!! For the last month I haven't used them because I want to test them. So from next week I will be using them again, but already know that I will be delighted to find that I didn't waste my money! I would strongly recommend them!


My Mum's boyfriend is quite high up in his job, so has managed to get a few tickets for a box at the o2 for Radiohead tomorrow night which i'm really rather looking forward too!  I am hoping to get my camera working tonight  and get some pictures of the night and what i'm wearing :) So a proper outfit post.

Much Love,

Em x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get in my Wardrobe!

    1* 2345

As much as I love Topshop and wish to god that I had the whole shop, my bank balance doesn't quite stretch to that :'(  I thought I would post some bits that I need (note: when I say need I mean need)

1.  You may notice there isn't a link to the dress, this being because when I went  to buy it yesterday it had been taken off of the website, but was there on Monday. I shed a small tear.  I have been desperate for this since I saw it on the website but was waiting to get paid and unfortunately for me payday just did not come around quick enough. So I will most definitely be checking the 'Back in Stock' section on the website daily to make my purchase.

2.  These socks are just so blimin' cute! Plus I am sucker for socks, my drawer is literally bursting with them.  I am hoping to pair them with my laaaavely asos boots at some point.  

3.  ohhhhh, this bag is just wonderful.  Not sure it needs much more than that! 

4.  I'm loving the whole army/camo look that is about at the moment.  This shirt is a bit different from the norm that is around which is why I love it so much.  It's by Unique at Topshop and at £80 is quite expensive, however I can imagine really rather worth it!

5.  I love rings, I literally have so many it's unreal.  This heart wing ring is right up my street so would be a great investment to add to my collection.

Unfortunately for me I don't have a spare £171 lying around.  It's my sisters 18th in a couple of weeks so, being the amazing sister that I am, I have been preparing for this by buying her presents, my outfit and also little bits and pieces to make it all that little bit special for her.  Which means these Topshop beauties will have to wait.

Emily x

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Monday, 1 October 2012

This is Me..

I have been avoiding posting any pictures or anything on here at the moment because my camera is terrible, which means I would have to use my phone, which despite being an iPhone, has a really pooey camera on it.  I find that going on a blog without really knowing anything about a person, like what they look like, makes it really difficult to connect with the blog and the person them self (going all spiritual).  So i decided to steal my boyfriends iPad very quickly yesterday to take a snap of myself.  Well, this is me...

As you can see the lighting in his rooms wasn't the best and so the picture is all round terrible, but i'm hoping to get my camera up and running again sometime soon and get a new one for Christmas because i'm currently in no financial position to be buying cameras left right and centre as much as I really wish I could.  Anyways yesterday I went to Bluewater shopping and ended up buying some jeans.  I know I was really moaning about them in my previous post, but whoever upstairs heard my pleas helped me out, so I was chuffed when I tried them on and actually liked them.  They are too big on my waist mind you, but i'm used that.  I also invested in a cute pair of converse look a likes from New Look for £9.99 which isn't half bad I thought.  So this morning, I had an unusual spare 5 minutes before I left for work so took a couple of bad quality pictures to show you what I wear to work.  As I said before, it's so casual for me at work, so my outfit posts will be far and few between because I practically wear the same thing everyday and it's not overly exciting.  But I thought I would post one anyway..

Feel free to follow :)

Speak Soon,

Emily x