Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Song of the Week #1

One thing I love, like a lot of people, is music.

So, I just felt as though I wanted to do something different on my blog and dedicate a post a week with a song. I mean it isn't going to necessarily be something that has only just been released, it isn't going to be a particular genre either.  Just a song that I enjoy and that for me, will show a little bit of who I am.

So for week one, I will leave you with Chocolate by The 1975.

I have never heard of them before in my life, but from the moment I heard this song, I just felt really happy! I cant just imagine myself on a nice hot day, driving to the beach with this very loudly playing in my vehicle!


Thursday, 21 February 2013


At the weekend me & Elliot went to Greenwich.  We are only a 20 minutes drive away, so it's somewhere that we visit regularly for something to do. When we go, we tend to either drive and walk through Greenwich park, or get the train to Blackheath and walk over to the park.  Obviously we always end up in the market, even though I know that the same stuff was there the last time I came, I still need to have another look!

It's such a quaint little place Greenwich. I just find that it's all quite random if that makes sense. At one glance you have this beautiful park, which holds a museum and English Heritage buildings and the next you are in a busy market with hundreds of people crammed into the smallest space.  Usually when we visit, we go to this little pub called The Trafalgar on the river, get some lunch and have a couple of drinks.  We decided this time to actually get food in the market because we are always drooling over it whenever we walk round.  I love Chinese, Japanese & Thai food and so I had a Chicken Katsu Curry & Els had BBQ Pork Sandwich. As you can expect it twas amazing. The problem with Greenwich, and any other place in London, is it's always packed, which is fine, except when you are trying to eat out of a container on the side of the street. We ended up perching our butts on a step just outside of the market (classy as ever) but I think that's definitely part of the charm!  We passed this little place called Black Vanilla, and as if I wasn't stuffed enough, we made our way into the Ice Cream/Coffee/Champagne/Cake Shop. You get given a free glass of water, and I had a brownie & ice cream with a Cappuccino & Elliot had a Waffle with Dulche de leche ice cream & a Mocha. Not really sure why I went for a brownie with ice cream considering I don't like chocolate flavoured things aaaaaaaand I'm not a fan of ice cream. Now I think about it, it seems a bit backwards!

All in all, I came home relatively empty handed! All I managed to buy was a 1978 copy of Wuthering Heights & a book for my sisters English Lit coursework because the Waterstones in Greenwich actually had it in stock! So basically, my trip was all about the food this time and there is nothing wrong with that! But I can safely say I shall be returning to Greenwich in the next few weeks for a repeat and to buy a jumper that I had my eye on, that I regretfully didn't buy!

Some piccytures for y'all...

Emily x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Monochrome Nails

Okay, so I thought I would go with the whole Monochrome trend and paint my nails.  I decided that since I'm not really an artist in any way what so ever that I would be safe and stick to the old sellotape/triangle thang.

Except that even this went a bit wrong because I was watching Utopia at the same time, but yeah, here are me nails.

I have decided that next time I do this I shall make sure that I am sitting in my room on my own with no TV and no music to distract! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Boot Fetish

I know that I have a problem when it comes to boots. I already own a number of pairs, but more and more just keep coming into stores and tempting me far too much to add yet more to my collection.

I think if I did actually purchase some, both my mother and my boyfriend might hurt me! I have been looking through Topshop far too regularly checking out all of the options but I know the right thing to do would be to steer clear, however, this has not hindered me from composing the below for everyone to lust over!

1. ACCENT Stud Cut Out Boots
2. SPRING Wedge Shoeboots - Too high for me but I want I want!
3. ADONIS2 Heavy Cut Out Boots
4. APOLLO Suede Ankle Boots
5. ALEXY Platform Chelsea Boot
6. KATZ Cut Out Strap Shoes

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rat Roll

So I love the 40's & 50's, when women were women and men were men. When men always wore suits and hats and when women wore dresses. Everything was glamorous and the hair was amazing! After seeing numerous pictures of Dita Von Teese with her wavy locks that have rolls here there and everywhere and being very jealous, I decided to make a rat roll.

She's so lovely I want to hurt her!

Anyways, after doing a little bit a research I found out that it's actually better to make your own rat rather than buy one because it never truly matches you're hair colour, and so it began.  

All you actually have to do is brush your hair and not pull it out of your brush.  I know it seems pretty grim, but needs must!  After a couple of months you end up with a pretty full hair brush.  You pull it out, and if you have a paddle brush like me, you end end up with a square of hair.  Then you roll it into a sausage and it looks like this...

Okay, so I completely appreciate exactly what this looks like! I cant help the colour of my hair guys! And that's it, its finished. You just have to put it in your hair. My first attempt hasn't been the best, and I certainly do not look like DVT, however, I personally think that it could have gone a lot worse.  Rather than doing anything to extravagant, I just decided to keep it simple and do a roll at the front of my head.  Admittedly, it does resemble a strong likeness to a quiff but we can work on that eh?

I have to say, it's pretty annoying that my hair is so dark, because actually you can't see it very well.  It would have been a lot better if my hair was down, but it was looking a bit horrid & was very curly so I preferred to avoid showing the world my crazy head of hair.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Imaginary House

Okay, so I was trawling the interweb for some inspiration for decorating my room and had what I thought was going to be a quick butchers on Urban Outfitters. It turned out that I stayed on there long enough to have created my own house from their stock, if budget allowed of course! Woops.

1. As soon as I saw this Ohh Deer Pictar Cushion I was drawn to it. It reminds me of Elmer the Elephant...I love Elmer the Elephant. I'm sold.

2. This Show Off Canvas just me laugh to be honest with you. I also think that a bedroom should have a more simplistic look so this being neutral colours and not a huge amount to it seems like a perfect choice.

3. I clearly have expensive taste, because everytime I try to find a duvet cover/set they are either hideously expensive or they will not go with my red curtains. So this is when I have come up with the idea to just have a white duvet cover but with patterend pillow cases. Then I saw this Alice Pillow Set.  Pretty much EVERYTHING that I want.

4. I have to admit, I made a strange little noise when I first saw this. I love the whole Baroque style and I need places to store my crap. Urban Outfitters have read my mind, put two & two together and created this little Baroque Shelf beauty!

5. This little cutie speaks for itself. It's a teddy bear but a lamp...need I say more?!

1. This toothbrush holder, I think, is just a cute little way to jazz the bathroom up.  Not only that but it also keeps all the germs away.  They do it in Bee holder too.

2. Is this not the most cutest thing you have ever in your life seen? The Bambini Soap Dispenser is an online exclusive only, which is shame because I think I would actually like to see it first, however, I'm not quite sure I can resist for much longer. (Mother, if you are reading this I would like you to confirm that I am able to buy this for my bathroom and then take it with me when I move out - thanks!)

3. I think this Oyster Shell Dish would be a nice addition considering the nautical theme that people tend to go for in a Bathroom.

4. Again with the whole nautical thang, I really like this anchor/piratey pattern. Rather than going for a boring old plain shower curtain, I would definitely go for something like this Homebound one.

5.  I don't know if it's because Christmas has not long left us and that it remind me of Reindeer, but I want this stage towel!

1. I'm a sucker for big clocks. When I used to work at John Lewis, I would spend quite a long time on the system that we used checking out all of the clocks that I loved. I stupidly didn't take advantage of my discount before I left, leaving behind all of the lovely clocks. I have to say this Newgate Battersby Clock  is my favourite one of all on UO.

2. Ooooo this sleeper sofa is just so glamourous. I love the deep plum colour and the fact that its a velvety fabric is just a win for me really! They do it in a green and black too, ideally I would have all 3 in different areas of my imaginary house.

3. Why have a normal candle when you can get a cute one shaped as a bird?

4. There really isn't much else to say other than I just fell in love with tower drawers as soon as I saw them! I think its because they are really different to anything that I have ever really seen before, but they also have that shabby chic effect on them that I love.

5. You got to have a little bit of wall art in your house, and this is amazing! I recently bought a book on a page for my sisters 18th, they look really cool and so nice when they are properly framed too. I chose The Great Gatsby because I read the book not too long ago and really enjoyed, plus the film is coming out soon and I am really quite excitedddddd.

1. It's never a kitchen without a chopping board and being a fan of music it only makes sense that I have a music related chopping board!

2. I laaaave hot drinks, coffee, tea, peppermint tea, baileys coffees the lot. What better way to serve it to myself than with a proper cute little Giraffe Mug!

3. At home we have a black board in the kitchen that has little notes on it to remind us to do things and sometime a list of shopping to get. I think that it beats a bit of paper does it not? Not only that but its a bloody owl!

4. When I have time I like to bake the occasional cake or whatever.  In future the only thing that I want to use to wisk my ingredients together is most definitely kitchen kong!

5. Lastly, they sell a grator that is shaped like an alligator thus naming it Gator Grater!!

I was I was rich...I really really do!