Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Song of the Weeks #13

I had never heard of Eels until I met my boyfriend.

I am really glad he introduced me for this reason...

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Just a Few

Little Dots // Watermelon & Strawberry Lemonade // Chilling with Els in Greenwich // Repping the half up bun in the classic bogshot // Found my earrings! // Homemade burger with egg in the middle

Just a few snaps from my weekend...

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Friday, 24 May 2013

In General

I thought I would share with you some of the new things I have purchased over the past couple of days.

The new sunnies, to be honest I probably didn't need to buy another pair because I seem to own quite a few already. However, for fiver you can't complain right?

Jojoba oil, I heard that Jojoba oil is very good for both your skin and your hair.  I think I bought this on Amazon for like £3.50 I believe. I am quite excited to use it, especially on my hair because for some reason I tend to get quite a dry scalp.  (Cue the sympathy...guys...hello?) 

Body Shop dry brush, brushing dry skin is supposed to help with circulation, cellulite as well has brushing off dead skin and stuffs. Apparently all you do is just brush over your legs and tummy area before jumping in the shower and then exfoliate as normal and use lots of moisturiser. So this little baby may come in handy in early preparation for my holiday.  

Nivea day cream, this is my second  bottle of this stuff. I'm not the kind of person who tends to stick to one facial moisturiser. I think that I am just trying a few different ones out to find 'the one' that I will religiously use for the rest of my life. The way this is going, this could potentially be the winner.

Anyways, the other week Elliot and I got our invitation to his sisters wedding finallllly. How exciting! They are so nice.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Song of the Week #12

One of my favourite all time album's is Adele 19. Before that famous performance of hers at the Brit awards she wasn't overly popular. Well she was, but not everyone had heard of her, had her music and listened to it. Then all of a sudden, within days, she was the most popular artist in the world. 21 seems to be many peoples favourite, but in all honesty I'm not overly keen. I enjoy some of the songs don't get me wrong, but for me, it doesn't contain the same rawness that her first album does. She wrote lots of the songs when she was like 15/16 and I was that age when the first album was released. I was immediately in love and introduced her to all of my friends, who like many others in the country, didn't really take notice until the Brits.

I can relate to a lot of the songs and know every single one like the back of my hand. Its the kind of music that although the story is sad you can listen to it whatever mood you are in.

This is my favourite song off of 19.

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Friday, 17 May 2013


Is any one else on Pinterest?

I don't know about you but I am completely obsessed with it. I can literally spend hours on there just having a butchers at all these different things.  Half of the time, I can get so engrossed that I actually forget to pin stuff.  I have managed to get my sister and a couple of my friends addicted too.  I don't actually add my own pictures or anything like that, but I just really love seeing what other things people are putting up.

These are just a few pins that are on my boards.

I have added a button on my sidebar to follow me if you wish :)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


So I was invited by New Look to go to their A/W13 collection customer preview day. I was able to bring a guest and so dragged my sister along, I say dragged as though she didn't want to come, but of course she did.  Anywho, we went off to New Look Head Office in London and was given our VIP bands to put on our wrists and were taken downstairs to have a cheeky little look. We had a short chat with a lovely man who gave us some comment cards and a scanner so that we could swipe the things that we liked so that they knew what was most popular and stuffs.

Luckily for me, by the looks of things grunge is still very on trend for the colder months of this year along with lots of plaid & dark floral prints. The shoes & jewellery...ahh maaaa gawd! In that sense NL seem to have upped their game in my opinion. Typical me though, I scanned a few too many pairs of boots and lots of coats & jackets...I'm such a sucker for that kind of thing.

A couple of drinks, pretzels & snaps later we were on our way to Oxford Street for a quick browse with goody bags in hand.

The only downers of the evening were that is was raining and on our way home there was an announcement just as we were about to get on the tube telling us that the Victoria line had been suspended because of a person under the train. A bit grim & sad when I think about it now, but I can assure you last night I wasn't so sympathetic when we were diverting ourselves around London.

Overall though, it was a good evening and I am excited for all of these new clothes to appear in shops.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Song of the Week #11

Who doesn't love a bit of Kate Nash?

For me her music and lyrics are the typical girl loves boy kinda thing. But not in a horrid and cheesy pop kind of way. It's different. Her songs have edge as does her style of singing and just her in general to be honest with you. Her first album will always be my favourite, it brings back so many memories for me of times with my friends and family and personal things that went on in my teenage life.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Incentive? I think so.

I cannot think of a time that the women in my family were not on some form of diet. When I say diet, I don't actually mean diet diet.  We don't follow a strict plan or anything like that, but we just all try to eat healthily and avoid the 'bad stuff' and maybe treat yourself every now and then to curb your cravings and chocolaty desires.

I went for a meal on Tuesday after the gym to catch up with a couple of my friends and found that the menu, and its new rule to list calories on it, was dictating what I was choosing to eat.  I have found recently that more and more restaurants and food places are beginning to give calories for their meals.  Personally, I see this as a positive thing because, for me at the time, I had just finished a session at the gym and it felt completely contradictory to eat a high calorie meal.

Mother bear sent me over an article from Women's Health Magazine to have a little look at this morning, and it has given me a completely different outlook on what and how you eat!

Click here to see the full article and read into it a little more.  But this is the main idea of the article.

88 minutes of crunches for the sake of a poxy doughnut! I'm not saying that I will forever refrain from going anywhere near a burritto or burger again, cos I will. But it does make you think doesn't it? It must be called junk food for a reason? If you have to do this amount of exercise just to burn it off, to me, it doesn't seem worth eating it all in the first place. However, this is coming from someone who is currently trying to lose weight for a holiday and a wedding in the summer.  But still, I do think that it's something to keep in the back of your mind the next time you pick up a can of fizzy drink, that actually you do not necessarily need, or maybe that last slice of pizza that you feel the need to squeeze in even though you are about to throw up from eating so much already.

I just think that seeing things like this puts the unanswered questions into perspective whether it's something that you believe in or not.

But I know for sure that in future this is something that I will be thinking about when I get my drunken McDonalds on the way home.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Song of the Week #10

Yep still obsessed with this song!

Why are Haim so cool? Let me join you ladies, I want to be cool too!

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

As If..

So my birthday was a month ago and my Muma bought me a camera. It's so nice to look at and takes great photos aswell. So it has decided to be poo & not work, it's so annoying considering I was planning on using it all over the bank holiday weekend. Hopefully wherever it was they bought it from will replace it as soon as because I want to start snapping.

Anyway, I went to a fancy dress party on Saturday.  All along I knew that me & Elliot weren't going to be able to stay for too long because we were up early the next day and I was driving, so I decided that it didn't seem entirely worth it to spend loads of money on an outfit. I was having a look through ebay when I came across a vintage tartan blazer with a velvet collar, screamed Clueless to me really. So I bought it for only a tenner...chuffed was the word!

If my camera was working then this picture would obviously look a lot freakin better....but no! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, we only have a couple of weeks til the next one. Woohooo.

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Bag Please

This weekend I am going to a friends fancy dress birthday pardddy. I need just a plain black rucksack and so am going to make my way to Primark to pick one up for cheaps.

You can never have too many bags can you? I only ever tend to use the same trusty ones over and over again. But all of these shops are creating some really nice ones with their colours and designs just enticing me in and leave me standing on the spot for a while deciding whether I can live my life without this beauty.  Most of the time I cannot and so end up buying...I can't help it, I think I may have a problem.

If any of you wish to donate to the Emily's Bag fund then please feel free to buy these for me and send them in the post....thankyouplease!

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Song of the Week #9

Have you heard the new Daft Punk song?

I am totally in love with it.  I think probably mainly to do with the fact that I have always had a slight crush on Pharrell Williams. But I think the most important thing that needs to be addressed is that he has just turned 40!! What the hell is that about, he is 2 years younger than my weird.

I don't care, I fancy him anyway.

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