Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Song of the Week #5

Nothing like a bit of Mumford.  It always helps to cheer you up!

Monday, 25 March 2013

I am lacking any kind of inspiration in most aspects of my life at the moment!

I know exactly why, I want a break.  I know Christmas wasn't that long ago, but work is really starting to take its toll and I just need some time off. I think what doesn't help is that, unfortunately, I don't particularly enjoy my job!

My weekend consisted of nothing, which is great, but the only thing I could be bothered to do that took me into the outside world was go to the gym.  I thought it could potentially lift me up, but no, me & Elliot got back and sat in bed all afternoon catching up on Lightfields!

All I can say is that I cannot wait for Thursday at 5pm.  We have the long weekend, and next Tuesday is my 21st birthday. I'm hoping some time away from the office will give me some much needed motivation and lift my spirits a little bit!

I know I'm babbling on at you and giving you my life story, but my blog started as a bit of diary for myself just to sort my head out and in my eyes, it kind of helps me understand myself when I see whats going on right in front of me! I think I'm making sense. But my main reason for telling you is because I think the lack of motivation shows when blogging.  You just post random shit for the sake of posting it. Hopefully after Easter and my Birthday, everything will be out of my system and I can really start to focus more on my blog, posting more regularly and posting more interesting stuff.

Negative post, I know, so for something positive. I saw this very cute little bag by Brit-Stitch.  After checking them out on The Hut, I very easily picked out a few favourites!

4. Laptop Bag - Caramel // £163

I actually like the majority of the bags, purely for the fact they are leather, simple and stylish! Not to mention the sweet colours they come in!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo

Celia Birtwell is a textile designer who was very well know for her prints in 60's/70's, but now is back after a time out and has designed a lovely collection for Uniqlo.

I have had the date for this collection on my phone for months now and it finally hit the stores & online yesterday! By the time I actually had 5 minutes to check it out, all of the blouses online had sold out!

Here are some of my picks from the collection...

(also available in monochrome!!)

I have never bought anything from Uniqlo before, but this collection is tempting me to purchase! I think a  a visit to my local store will be in order!

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Song of the Week #4

My most favourite band is The View.  I don't know why, but I just love them.

When I'm on the treadmill their albums tend to be on repeat because the majority of their songs are just so upbeat and it seems to make the running a lot easier! Anyways, the title of my blog is actually one of their songs, not my favourite song, but one of my favourites from that particular album.  I think its probably because I have really good memories of going to a gig with my pals, drinking god knows what, and dancing like a freak of nature and so it always makes me smile.

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Monday, 18 March 2013


Hangover outfit // babysitting baby Sophie // Our new pal // The duck // Pizza a la Morrisons // Best yoghurts EVERRR // Game of Thrones Marathon // BOG SHOT // Bit of HP Lego on ma Phone

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Asos Fest

I got a cheeky email yesterday from Asos telling me about this seasons Festival trend.

I love festivals, but the last one I went to was Reading 2010 due to lack of festival monies & work! I also love festival fashion. It tends to be a bit of boho & a bit of grunge which is right up my street, so even though I can't get my groove on at Reading '13 I can buy so me the clothes, put on some music, and just pretend I am there! Anyways...I was having a look at some of the bits they have and once again, I pretty much! One day, Asos will literally bankrupt me.

I need this jumpsuit in my life! Bring on payday is all I can say.

Oh also, I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is apparently shutting down.  I decided to join Bloglovin' just incases (definitely quoting Love Actually there!) Anyways, feel free to follow.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Song of the Week #3

I love love LOVE Amy Winehouse!

I was so upset when I found out she had passed away and was so sad. I think her passing was a long time coming, but I always had a little hope that she would pull through her addictions and continue to make her incredible music! I'm not sure what it is about her, but I could listen to her all day long and never get bored. This is probably my favourite song of hers and possibly the most underrated.  This actually isn't the original version of the song, but is still the better in my opinion.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Matte Me

A couple of weeks ago, I was stalking a friend of a friend via Instagram and noticed her latest purchase was Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Top Coat. I fell in love instantly, and went into town the next day to pick it up!

Everytime I go to Boots or Superdrug to buy anything, I can't help but have a nosey at all of the Barry M bits. I picked up a new pastel colour called Blue Moon.  At the time I thought pairing the two together would look laaaavley, but actually I was disappointed to see that after the matte coat over the pastel colour it was very difficult to actually tell the difference!

I even managed to get away with only one hand with the matte on it and one hand not! Very annoying, but to be honest it could potentially have worked a bit better with more coats of each, but that is something that I will try again in a couple of weeks but with my pastel green instead me thinks.

Last night though in my tired/hungover state, I decided to use my Umberto Giannini in Lady Violetta.  You can probably tell by the name (Violetta) that this should be purple, but it does in fact come out looking suspiciously black! Oh well.

As you can see, it definitely works better with a darker colour.  (Taking my pictures on my phone at my desk, nice!)  For me, the photos do not actually do it justice and like anything looks a hell of a lot better when its in front of you! It gives your nails such a nice finish and almost gives them like a leathery look.  Not only that, but the varnish really stays on your nails and barely chips.

So if you're after something that give's you something a little bit different, then this is the product for it and at only £4.59 definitely worth it too!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Birthday Bits

So my 21st birthday is in 26 days and I already know that I will receive money from a lot of my family and I gots no problem with that.  It means that I can scour the usual suspects on the net for hours to find lots of potential goodies that I can spend my pennies on!  I already have my eye on these bits...

1. Wildfox Lennon Daisy Knit - // 2. Raglan Skater Dress - Topshop // 3. Bowler Hat - H & M //
4. Rihanna Painted Stripe Shorts - River Island // 5. Gladiator Sandals - River Island 

6. Stripe Backpack - Topshop // 7. Skull Dress - H & M // 8. Printed Tapered Trousers - New Look //
9. Carys Boyfriend Shirt - Motel // 10. Cross Cuff Bracelet - Asos

Lots of stripe going on here I know, surprisingly in all the pastel colours. I tend to be someone who sticks to dark colours even in the height of summer but I have been feeling the pastel trend a hell of a lot more this time round! As you can see I am still enjoying black and what not but spring/summer is not too long away which means more colour will be making its way into ones already packed wardrobe!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Song of the Week #2

Okay, so I am totally in love with Jake Bugg!

The first time I ever heard this song I think I got far too excited. Not a clue why just because I liked the song so much I think.  As much as I love every other song of his, it will never ever compare to his first single for me.

He has such a refreshing sound, just something completely different to what is usually being released.  I'm just really looking forward to seeing/hearing a lot more from him in the years to come.

Lightning Bolt..

Monday, 4 March 2013

PVC Leopard

Just a quicky today to share my new shoes.

It wasn't til I saw a post by Kavita at She Wears Fashion that I remembered about Everything 5 pound.  I was browsing a few months ago and come across it and at the time wasn't particularly impressed with what they had to offer. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw Kavita's post and then had another little looky and it has got loads better.  I'm not a huge fan of the clothes to be quite honest with you, they aren't particularly nice or look like they are of good quality. But the shoes...most are pretty nice and for a fiver who really cares if they only last a couple of months.  I think the only thing I was a little disappointed with was that the postage was 5p less than the shoes themselves which is annoying, but I suppose these companies need to make money some way.

But anyway these are my new purchase..

Friday, 1 March 2013

Cat Eye

Cat eye + tortoise shell + sunglasses = my new purchase!

I was browsing le eBay the other day & saw a pair of these glasses for a measly £3.99.  I was a bit dubious at first because it seems far too cheap, but bought them anyways, because for £3.99 it doesn't actually matter if they turned out to be a load of poo!

To my surprise they were not a load of old poo!  I have to admit, I was expecting them to be a bit bigger because that's the kind of style I tend to go for, and was slightly worried when I took them out of the packaging because they looked like they were for my 5 year old sister, but they managed to stretch round my big head so s'all gooood.