Monday, 25 March 2013

I am lacking any kind of inspiration in most aspects of my life at the moment!

I know exactly why, I want a break.  I know Christmas wasn't that long ago, but work is really starting to take its toll and I just need some time off. I think what doesn't help is that, unfortunately, I don't particularly enjoy my job!

My weekend consisted of nothing, which is great, but the only thing I could be bothered to do that took me into the outside world was go to the gym.  I thought it could potentially lift me up, but no, me & Elliot got back and sat in bed all afternoon catching up on Lightfields!

All I can say is that I cannot wait for Thursday at 5pm.  We have the long weekend, and next Tuesday is my 21st birthday. I'm hoping some time away from the office will give me some much needed motivation and lift my spirits a little bit!

I know I'm babbling on at you and giving you my life story, but my blog started as a bit of diary for myself just to sort my head out and in my eyes, it kind of helps me understand myself when I see whats going on right in front of me! I think I'm making sense. But my main reason for telling you is because I think the lack of motivation shows when blogging.  You just post random shit for the sake of posting it. Hopefully after Easter and my Birthday, everything will be out of my system and I can really start to focus more on my blog, posting more regularly and posting more interesting stuff.

Negative post, I know, so for something positive. I saw this very cute little bag by Brit-Stitch.  After checking them out on The Hut, I very easily picked out a few favourites!

4. Laptop Bag - Caramel // £163

I actually like the majority of the bags, purely for the fact they are leather, simple and stylish! Not to mention the sweet colours they come in!

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  1. I love the greyed jade one! I hope you feel better soon, a long weekend is just what the doctor ordered.

    The Style Rawr - UK Fashion and Style Blog

    1. It's a lovely colour! I hope I feel better too, thanks Tara xx

  2. I love the mint coloured bag! So pretty :) xxx