Friday, 30 November 2012

Woe is Me.

I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself recently, so this will be a pretty word heavy, essay style post!

As a bigger girl, there has always been a lot of emotion surrounding me day to day.  Unfortunately I find it difficult to accept, which makes me so very envious of others who are able to do so.  Since I started up my blog, I have found that there is a lot of positivity & support for the curvier chicks out there, however, when you open a magazine/newspaper, you tend to find the complete opposite.  For me, that really does not help!  
I refer to myself as BFG, which makes me laugh to be honest. I'm rather tall for a girl and being larger than the average, doesn't make the best combination.  

I keep fit, and I eat well but I never seem to get where I want.  I can't work out if that's because I have completely unrealistic expectations, I'm doing something wrong or just can't see what everyone else see's?! A few years ago I went through a strange patch in my life, where everything went a bit wrong.  I ended up losing quite a lot of weight very quickly using the wrong methods of weight loss. But it was the only thing that worked, I would never go back to that place because I wasn't very happy, but it does make me think!

I think it's common knowledge that the tabloids create a huge amount of pressure for women and young girls to look good.  The thing that saddens me, is that children are now starting the feel that pressure too.  What saddens me even more, is remembering that I felt like that when I was still in primary school. Always feeling inferior to the pretty & skinnier girls around you.  Urgh...and then you get the boys.  I mean I knew girls were bitchy, but holy hell.  Some of the nasty comments I used to get when I was going through secondary school were humiliating & completely degrading! I can never understand how people can be so cruel.

My appearance is the only place that really I lack any confidence and my god it bugs me.  I actually get annoyed with my self for constantly having negative thoughts about the way I look.  It gets incredibly tiring. The thing is, I know that there are probably so many people out there that feel exactly the way I do, but always feel as though it's only me.  I mean I'm not like it all the time, but it always seems as though when I start to forget about things or start to feel a bit happier, the horrible little devil version of myself gets back on my shoulder and manages to convince me that the way I look is not good enough!

I am assuming that everyone has heard of Gabi Gregg, a plus size blogger from the US!
Although my size isn't actually considered plus size, reading her blog and seeing how far she has come has been an inspiration. She looks sha-mazing in pretty much everything that she wears, and learns you that curvy can look good.  I am the first to jump to anyone's defence when it comes to weight, firstly because I have a massive problem with bullying & secondly because it's just plain horrible and completely unnecessary!  

My argument is practically the same everytime...everyone is beautiful in there own way.

Yeah....practice what you preach Emily!! 

Apologies for the rant...

Until Next time..

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Festive Frocks

Okay, so when it comes to this time of year, I can imagine the panic of each and every other female is pretty much on the same level as my own for the perfect pardy frock! 
There is SO much choice around nowadays which, in my opinion, is half the problem for most people.  Not only that but it's about trying to create the best outfit for the particular event that is taking place, be it a meal or actual party.  This year for me I wont be buying anything new because I have so many dresses and what not that just don't get worn enough, so I'm going to save myself some spondoolies and wear one of them.  However, if I was going to buy myself something new it would look a little like this...

          DressRingsSocksNail VarnishBoots

Just because of this little money saving scheme, does NOT mean I can't look, wish and seriously want though does it?  

Emily x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Furry Me

Okay, so just a short one for today! 
I am so very desperate for a fur collar/stole.  I have never really gone for that kind of look before because, to be honest, the idea of fur actually freaks me out a little real or not. But they look so goddamn nice!  I was thinking about buying myself this lovely coat from River Island, but being so near Christmas (VERY excited!) I couldn't really bring myself to part with £75 when I have a perfectly good coat at home.  

So after having a little sneaky peak on H&M I found this little beauty...

They do it in black and burgandy too! Woohoo! 
So last night when I was taking something back, I went and tried it on and completely fell in love, I know it looks quite plain but when you put it over any jacket, it just completely transforms it and give you a much more sophisticated vintage look.  Plus it has a clip on the inside to make sure it stays on you coat/jacket, which in my opinion is rather handy!

I was umming and arring for a while as to whether to get it or not, but decided to put it on the Christmas list. 

Priddy pleaseeee Mr Christmas bring me this!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


When I'm at work, I really struggle to think of things to have for my breakfast and lunch that is tasty, filling and healthy at the same time! I tend to eat lots of porridge, weetabix & fruit and yoghurt for my breakfast, but that all get's quite expensive and boring after a while.
I'm a bit addicted to cooking programmes, so on Sunday night when I was putting my poor boyfriend through yet another evening of The Food Network, I came across a festive recipe for some Granola that I just needed to try!!

So firstly you need your ingredients..

Rolled Oats - 350-400g
Flaked Almonds - 170g
Dessicated Coconut - 150g
Mixed Dried Berries (You can use any dried fruit you want)  - 227g
Vegetable Oil - 118ml
Honey - 71ml
Cinnamon - 2 tbsp

Literally all you need to do now is combine all of your ingredients in a bowl.  

If you add the oil first, then when putting the honey in the jug after it should slide right out and not stick (little informative tip for you there!)

You bung all of this on a baking tray and supposed to cook for 40 minutes.  I decided to check on it every 10-15 minutes to mix it all around to make sure all of the oats get an even baking. 

If you like your's crunchy then it should come out looking a little something like this...

It makes quite a lot, so keep it in an air tight container because you will have it for a while.

I have to say, after trying this out this morning with some natural yoghurt, I'm not totally impressed with the fruit that I used.  So I can safely say that it's definitely tasty, but next time I will be using some dried Strawberries and Raspberries!


Emily x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mish Mash

Okay, so over the last few days I have been a bit busy.  My bestest pals 21st birthday party was on Saturday night, and her actual birthday yesterday.  So I spent the weekend finishing off the last little bits of her 21 presents for her box. So in the end, her box consisted of...

21 shot glass
Cute little gloves with bows on
2 pairs of socks
Earring set
A floral t-shirt toppy thing
Headache relief roller
Cocktail ring
Rosette hairclips
A photo frame that says FRIENDS with pictures of our super cool gang
A calender
A martini glass
A amazing leopard print make up bag with little ears on it
A lottery ticket (with a note saying that I will receive at least 40% of winnings)
Katie Perry Eyelashes
Half bottle of Rose
Some Maoam's
Some Lindt balls

All in all I think, well hope, that she was pleased with what I bought! 

For her party I promised her I would wear a pair of heels. I love love heels, but just tend not the wear them for a number of reasons.  
1. I end up towering over Elliot 
2. I'm tall anyways and it makes me feel uncomfortable being so much taller than everyone else.
3.  Lastly, and most importantly, I just cannot cope with the pain! 

I want to so much I really do, I had to prepare for it and buy me some Party Feet, and what a load of old rubbish they were!!  
I made the very common mistake of sitting down for too long.  

There's me in my metallic skirt and my pal on the left hand side with the very red hair! A friend of mine kept referring to me as a mermaid, cue me walking around thinking I was Ariel for the rest of the evening!

Kath & Diana's rather amazing cake!! They also had cute little cupcakes that had mushrooms and teacups on top.

There was a lot more presents hidden inside, doesn't look very impressive I know.

Anyways, some exciting friend Lucy gave birth to beautiful little baby Isbelle on Saturday!

Speak soon...


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gun Metal

Not much to report today unfortunately, bit rubbish I know.  Especially since I went to Greenwich last weekend and didn't bring back any evidence of my trip.  I think that's because I've been soooo many times that for me it's nothing new!  However, everytime I do go, I realise why, because it's honestly just such a lovely little place to be with its craft market, quirky little shops and amazing food places.  I consider myself lucky that it's only a 15 minute drive from where I live.  It's a bit sad come to think of it that the only place I bought anything from was Superdrug. 
I am happy with what I purchased though :)

I love Barry M nail varnishes. There is always a wide variety of colours, although, I have to say I do prefer the darker shades myself. For anyone, like me, who is absolutely rubbish at anything to do with art then the magnetic varnish is always a winner. It gives your average block colour a bit of va va voom, but without the shakey hands and painting your fingers rather than your nails typa thing. 

The MUA 3 in 1 extreme contour liner in Gun Metal.  I actually quite like this, it isn't the BEST I have ever used before but for 1 squid I can't really complain.  It's one of those products that I would use during the day time if I think that the 'just mascara' look isn't enough. It's like a really soft kohl and so makes the application really smooth and simple. As you can see in the picture of the back of the box, it gives you 3 looks that the liner can give you when using different parts of the pen, which is also rather handy.  They only have a couple of colours, but this was my favourite along with the sage green that I bought as part of the 21 presents for my pal.


Emily x