Monday, 29 April 2013

New Jewels

At the weekend I had to go camping, I was dreading it because the weather was supposed to have completely turned round and been all horrid and rainy.  In the end there was no rain, a little bit of a sun and lots of wind, but overall a successful camping trip with lots of alcohol.  I'll be honest I was planning on taking a shed load of pictures, but didn't actually think it was entirely worth it considering we were just sitting around drinking and doing not much so not particularly riveting stuff.

What I did get a picture of though was a couple of new jewellery bits that I picked up from Primark.
Whilst I love jewellery and have to wear it everyday, I'm not usually a necklace fan but I thought this was actually quite nice and I could probably do a lot with it. Rings are my thing, I wear 3 everyday, 1 of which is a thumb ring that I don't actually think I have gone a day without in about 6 years and so have a constant dent in my finger. Anyways, when I buy new stuff rings are generally on the list too.
I love this blue stone one so much.

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Friday, 26 April 2013


I have never actually bought anything from Mango before or even had the urge to go and check it out. I'm not really sure why, but the thought never really occurred to me, until yesterday.  Elliot's sister is getting married in August this year and I have started having a cheeky, and early, look for things to wear and for some reason Mango just popped into my head. Although I didn't find anything that appealed to me for the wedding, I did find a number of outfits that I now desperately want.  Because of the recent weather, (not today. Boooo!) I had the whole holiday kinda theme in mind, so based the outfits below around that.

Outfit 1
I love this style of trouser, I have a couple of  bold printed pairs that are just a summer wardrobe staple for me. I really like these one's because they have a subtle stripe to them and have a nautical look. I thought it would be nice to just compliment them with a simple white top and a bright red blazer. The choker...well...need I say more? 

Outfit 2
When I saw the dress I was for, some reason, drawn to it. I'm not quite sure because it's just a plain white maxi dress. It actually has some embroidery detail on the breasticle area which give's it a beachy/boho vibe which is what I think I like.  

Outfit 3
This look is quite a grown up choice for me actually. It's not something that I would ever pick out because 1. its above the knee (I don't get my legs out) and 2. it's a formal look. Nothing wrong with formal at all, but I am a pretty casual dresser. But I like a stripe and this dress is bang on the monochrome trend so whats not to like? It's the clutch that does it for me though...fringing is the best! 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Song of the Week #8

Summer has apparently started, and I think that everything just feels that bit better when the weather is sunny and warm.  Having said that, it is supposed to be cold again over the weekend where I live which is slightly rubbish I have to say! BOOOOOO!

Anyway, I have heard this song being played on the radio again a lot recently and I think it couldn't be anymore fitting for the lovely weather we are currently experiencing. So yeah...

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Get Running

I workout regularly and am fit-ish, obviously not as much as I would like to be but it's better than a lot of people I know! I completely forgot about the marathon and quickly flicked it on yesterday to have a quick look at how people were getting on.  My Step-dad is a runner and has been all his life. This year he wanted to beat his last time which was something absurd that I couldn't even dream of doing, but, unfortunately due to an injury, had to pull out! Gutted!  Anyway, after watching a little bit yesterday I found that it was incredibly emotional seeing all of these people dragging their butts 26.2 miles, mostly, all in the name of charity and just think that it's such an amazing achievement. I used to run a couple of years ago and lost quite a lot of weight when doing so.  I kind of stopped after a while for some unknown reason and put the majority of the weight back on. I don't actually weigh myself because I think that its incredibly depressing and actually you should only really go with how your clothes feel. It's a much better judge than shitty scales.

When I joined the gym last May I was told to avoid the treadmill because I have a bad back and also because I have shin splints from when I ran before. I lost a certain amount of weight and got fitter, but then put some back on again! After this, I just knew that I needed to get back on the treadmill. For me, its the only thing that I find consistently effective. My back seems to have strengthened up and so I find it slightly easier to run, and I have apparently lost more weight. I actually can't tell a difference at all, but lots of people have been saying different which is a really nice feeling.

Seeing people running yesterday at the Marathon has been a little bit of inspiration for me. I mean, I'm not going to attempt to take part in next year's or anything, but I just want to get a lot fitter. If losing weight comes as part of that then I consider it a bonus. I got online this morning and have found myself a training programme.  Whether I stick to this rigorously or not I don't know, but I definitely want to use it as a guide to get me somewhere. It is a beginners 10 mile programme that's set over a 12 week period and by the last day you should apparently be able to run 10 miles! I found this on the BUPA website, and would really encourage anyone to have a look.

10 miles is a long way and I am really nervous, but looking forward to seeing where this will take me!

Wish me luck...

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Friday, 19 April 2013

A couple of things..

I have always been lucky in the sun because I have always got a nice colour when tanning! BUT for some unknown reason, in the last few years, my legs don't! Weird, I know, but my mum is the same.  We will come away from abroad with a tan on our thighs, knees & feet, but the bit in between there is nothing...WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? So in preparation for Elliot's sisters wedding (it's in August, but I want to practice just in case) I have bought the Palmers Natural Bronzer. I have wanted to buy it for ages but kept forgetting to purchase whenever I was out, but then saw it on offer when I was in Sainsbury's so snapped that up. I have seen it knocking about on a few blogs over the last few months and everyone has had lots of positive things to say about it.  The first time I used it was last night, and as silly as it sounds, I was a bit nervous.  I have never used anything like this before.  I've also never used fake tan or been to a tanning salon, so yesterday I was a complete tanning virgin.  Today, however, things are slightly different.

I didn't use a lot because it was the first application and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect so just used a couple of squirts. Apparently tan is usually a bit wiffy, so I was expecting to be overcome by stinky fumes, but this didn't smell horrid at all, it was just the normal strong coco smell.  I tried the best I could to get it on evenly over my legs, but I suppose until the next day you never really know what its going to look like. All I can say is that only a small amount definitely gets you somewhere. I now have bronzed legs...woohoo! Although my legs are now looking nice and healthy, my ankles look like they have had the whole contents of the bottle on them. So it's only a slight hiccup, but I now know for future usage that the ankles will be a problem area and to try and take a little more care when applying it too them.  Overall, I really liked this and excited at the prospect, that for once in my life I potentially might get my legs out in the Summer rather than covering up.  But that's another bridge to climb when we get to it!

On a different note, I'm sure everyone has seen the laaavley Topshop Adonis2 boots.  Well, I have been desperate for them for a long time, but as you probably well know, they have been sold out completely for quite a while now. I have been watching a few on eBay, and they are going for like £100 which a lot more than I would be willing to pay to be honest. I was browsing the other day and come across Next 2 Nowt which I had forgotten about and thought I would take a chance at searching for the beloved Adonis boot. When I saw them there, in my size, and had only been worn once with very little wear! THEN I saw that they were only £35, so naturally, I instantly hit the buy button! They arrived the next day and are a lovely as I imagined.

Getting a snap of my vehicle in the background there, ha! 

Lets all sit in silence and appreciate the shoes together...

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Song of the Week #7

Usually, I am an avid XFM listener.  But in the office that kind of music isn't to everyone else's taste, much to my sadness! This means that we share the time, on my radio might I add, between XFM & Heart.  During the time that we started listening to Heart I have become addicted to some of the crappy & cheesy songs that they play. However, my view has now changed in regards to the crappy side of things, but all songs remain in the cheese on toast category. The majority of the songs played on this station were released waaaaay before I was born, but the poor people I work with still have to put up with my rendition of Karma Chameleon on a regular basis and are rather impressed with the fact that I know ALL of the words!

Anyways, my absolute favourite that they play is a little number by a Mr John Parr from 1985. It's the theme song to the film St Elmo's Fire and it's just so so good!

If this song was a fish it would be aaaa.....TUNA! (yeah I just regrettably went there with that joke!)  

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Monday, 15 April 2013

It's not Terry's, it's mine!

So for my 21st Birthday, my lovely boyfriend bought me a mixer! Whenever I made the poor boy watch cooking programmes I'd constantly bang on about how much I would love one, but have never even bothered to look into it because I know how expensive they would be.  But on the morning of 2nd April he brought in a massive box with one inside for me.

The first time I actually was able to use it was on Saturday, very excited is an understatement!  To be honest, since it was my first time using it I didn't want to be making anything particularly fancy, so I just went for something simple in the form of Chocolate Orange Chip Muffffffffins!  They were really quite nice and super easy to make, so I thought I would give you the recipe...kind I know!

Whilst I was waiting for these babies to cook away in the oven, I was playing around with my lovely little pooch Dotty! I need appreciation for her cuteness right now...

I love my doggy!

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Friday, 12 April 2013

I hate the way I don't hate you

So the other night, me and the fam had just finished dinner then went and sat down to watch the tube! I pressed the button, and started to celebrate with lots of shrieking.
10 Things I Hate About You was in front of my eyes and my looooord I was happy! Much to my Stepdad's disgust it stayed on to the end. I think like most men, he was pretending he wasn't enjoying it but we all know that he was lovin' it really!

Nineties grunge is definitely back on the cards, as everybody well knows, and 10 things has some of the best & classic clothing of that era.  Me being me, I was sitting there lusting over what everyone was wearing whilst singing all the songs at the top of my voice.  So, I thought I would put together some outfits based on my favourites at one or another point in the film.

I have to say, I actually love everything that I have put together if I do say so myself! Even the guys outfit, I will be trying to convince Elliot to dress like Patrick Verona...he already has the hair sorted! One step at a time eh?  I am in love with the tulle skirts that are around at the moment but am slightly afraid to go there to be perfectly honest.  I think you definitely have to be a particular shape to pull that look off and I unfortunately have not been gifted with that body at all (all cry for Emily!).   

I have put together a little outfit of 'my version' of what I would most probably be wearing if I was at high school in 1999 hanging out with Kat & Patrick most definitely being my boyfriend! A girl can dream guys!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Song of the Week #6

After one of my last posts about my lack of inspo, I decided to just leave my blog for a little while. It was actually longer than I thought it would be, but after the break for Easter & my 21st birthday, I am feeling a little bit better so thought I would just carry on where I left off.

I unfortunately decided to start blogging again on a Wednesday, and Wednesday is 'Song of the Week' day. Technically this should be week 7, but y'know, what can you do eh?

Anyways, I don't know if anybody watched In The Flesh (a 3 parter about a zombie rising)? I really really liked it, but what I liked more was the songs on the credits.  The artist is called Keaton Henson and my god he is amazing! I can understand that actually his music isn't to everyone's taste because it would come under a very particular genre. His lyrics are incredibly emotive and tell you a story of mainly his heartache.  On musical side of things, for me, he gets it just right.  The music that accompanies the lyrics tell a story equally as much as the words. Then there is his videos! Jee-zus! I booed my eyes out on one of them! He creates & directs them himself, and I personally think that it would only be the appropriate thing to do because he knows exactly what it is he is trying to get across to his fans.

I have to say I love all of his songs, but the one I am going to show you is probably my favourite! It's called Lying To You. The video is very very simple and stars a girl called Arrow De Wilde, her Mum, Autumn De Wilde, directs this video along with Mr Henson.

I would highly recommend checking out another of his songs called You Don't Know How Lucky You Are here. (Literally shed a few tears every bloody time!)

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