Friday, 26 April 2013


I have never actually bought anything from Mango before or even had the urge to go and check it out. I'm not really sure why, but the thought never really occurred to me, until yesterday.  Elliot's sister is getting married in August this year and I have started having a cheeky, and early, look for things to wear and for some reason Mango just popped into my head. Although I didn't find anything that appealed to me for the wedding, I did find a number of outfits that I now desperately want.  Because of the recent weather, (not today. Boooo!) I had the whole holiday kinda theme in mind, so based the outfits below around that.

Outfit 1
I love this style of trouser, I have a couple of  bold printed pairs that are just a summer wardrobe staple for me. I really like these one's because they have a subtle stripe to them and have a nautical look. I thought it would be nice to just compliment them with a simple white top and a bright red blazer. The choker...well...need I say more? 

Outfit 2
When I saw the dress I was for, some reason, drawn to it. I'm not quite sure because it's just a plain white maxi dress. It actually has some embroidery detail on the breasticle area which give's it a beachy/boho vibe which is what I think I like.  

Outfit 3
This look is quite a grown up choice for me actually. It's not something that I would ever pick out because 1. its above the knee (I don't get my legs out) and 2. it's a formal look. Nothing wrong with formal at all, but I am a pretty casual dresser. But I like a stripe and this dress is bang on the monochrome trend so whats not to like? It's the clutch that does it for me though...fringing is the best! 

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