Monday, 29 April 2013

New Jewels

At the weekend I had to go camping, I was dreading it because the weather was supposed to have completely turned round and been all horrid and rainy.  In the end there was no rain, a little bit of a sun and lots of wind, but overall a successful camping trip with lots of alcohol.  I'll be honest I was planning on taking a shed load of pictures, but didn't actually think it was entirely worth it considering we were just sitting around drinking and doing not much so not particularly riveting stuff.

What I did get a picture of though was a couple of new jewellery bits that I picked up from Primark.
Whilst I love jewellery and have to wear it everyday, I'm not usually a necklace fan but I thought this was actually quite nice and I could probably do a lot with it. Rings are my thing, I wear 3 everyday, 1 of which is a thumb ring that I don't actually think I have gone a day without in about 6 years and so have a constant dent in my finger. Anyways, when I buy new stuff rings are generally on the list too.
I love this blue stone one so much.

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1 comment:

  1. Aw those rings are so cute! Primark have some awesome jewellry in at the mo, I got such a cute necklace today! x