Monday, 22 April 2013

Get Running

I workout regularly and am fit-ish, obviously not as much as I would like to be but it's better than a lot of people I know! I completely forgot about the marathon and quickly flicked it on yesterday to have a quick look at how people were getting on.  My Step-dad is a runner and has been all his life. This year he wanted to beat his last time which was something absurd that I couldn't even dream of doing, but, unfortunately due to an injury, had to pull out! Gutted!  Anyway, after watching a little bit yesterday I found that it was incredibly emotional seeing all of these people dragging their butts 26.2 miles, mostly, all in the name of charity and just think that it's such an amazing achievement. I used to run a couple of years ago and lost quite a lot of weight when doing so.  I kind of stopped after a while for some unknown reason and put the majority of the weight back on. I don't actually weigh myself because I think that its incredibly depressing and actually you should only really go with how your clothes feel. It's a much better judge than shitty scales.

When I joined the gym last May I was told to avoid the treadmill because I have a bad back and also because I have shin splints from when I ran before. I lost a certain amount of weight and got fitter, but then put some back on again! After this, I just knew that I needed to get back on the treadmill. For me, its the only thing that I find consistently effective. My back seems to have strengthened up and so I find it slightly easier to run, and I have apparently lost more weight. I actually can't tell a difference at all, but lots of people have been saying different which is a really nice feeling.

Seeing people running yesterday at the Marathon has been a little bit of inspiration for me. I mean, I'm not going to attempt to take part in next year's or anything, but I just want to get a lot fitter. If losing weight comes as part of that then I consider it a bonus. I got online this morning and have found myself a training programme.  Whether I stick to this rigorously or not I don't know, but I definitely want to use it as a guide to get me somewhere. It is a beginners 10 mile programme that's set over a 12 week period and by the last day you should apparently be able to run 10 miles! I found this on the BUPA website, and would really encourage anyone to have a look.

10 miles is a long way and I am really nervous, but looking forward to seeing where this will take me!

Wish me luck...

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  1. I seriously love running :) and getting fit is a bonus! :) Lovely blog by the way! :)