Friday, 23 November 2012

Furry Me

Okay, so just a short one for today! 
I am so very desperate for a fur collar/stole.  I have never really gone for that kind of look before because, to be honest, the idea of fur actually freaks me out a little real or not. But they look so goddamn nice!  I was thinking about buying myself this lovely coat from River Island, but being so near Christmas (VERY excited!) I couldn't really bring myself to part with £75 when I have a perfectly good coat at home.  

So after having a little sneaky peak on H&M I found this little beauty...

They do it in black and burgandy too! Woohoo! 
So last night when I was taking something back, I went and tried it on and completely fell in love, I know it looks quite plain but when you put it over any jacket, it just completely transforms it and give you a much more sophisticated vintage look.  Plus it has a clip on the inside to make sure it stays on you coat/jacket, which in my opinion is rather handy!

I was umming and arring for a while as to whether to get it or not, but decided to put it on the Christmas list. 

Priddy pleaseeee Mr Christmas bring me this!



  1. I love them! I have that colour and the black, they make anything look a little more glam x

    1. I can't wait to see if I get one for Christmas! I will be very upset if not!! x