Friday, 15 March 2013

Asos Fest

I got a cheeky email yesterday from Asos telling me about this seasons Festival trend.

I love festivals, but the last one I went to was Reading 2010 due to lack of festival monies & work! I also love festival fashion. It tends to be a bit of boho & a bit of grunge which is right up my street, so even though I can't get my groove on at Reading '13 I can buy so me the clothes, put on some music, and just pretend I am there! Anyways...I was having a look at some of the bits they have and once again, I pretty much! One day, Asos will literally bankrupt me.

I need this jumpsuit in my life! Bring on payday is all I can say.

Oh also, I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is apparently shutting down.  I decided to join Bloglovin' just incases (definitely quoting Love Actually there!) Anyways, feel free to follow.

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  1. Ohh man, I love ASOS so much! Those cut-out brogues are amazing, as is the floral jumpsuit. My mum made me one quite similar to that a couple of years back! Sucks that you can't go to Reading :( go to one of the smaller ones instead! Secret Garden Party is intense!
    Betti xx

    1. If the have the holiday I am definitely on a festival! xx

  2. i love everything ASOAS! I'm totally digging the sunnies and DM shoes!

  3. Festivals are so much fun! I'm going to Wireless this year, so I hope it's good! Well done Asos! I'm in love with the jumpsuit! Gorgeous floral pattern and colours :)

    Laura xx