Friday, 24 May 2013

In General

I thought I would share with you some of the new things I have purchased over the past couple of days.

The new sunnies, to be honest I probably didn't need to buy another pair because I seem to own quite a few already. However, for fiver you can't complain right?

Jojoba oil, I heard that Jojoba oil is very good for both your skin and your hair.  I think I bought this on Amazon for like £3.50 I believe. I am quite excited to use it, especially on my hair because for some reason I tend to get quite a dry scalp.  (Cue the sympathy...guys...hello?) 

Body Shop dry brush, brushing dry skin is supposed to help with circulation, cellulite as well has brushing off dead skin and stuffs. Apparently all you do is just brush over your legs and tummy area before jumping in the shower and then exfoliate as normal and use lots of moisturiser. So this little baby may come in handy in early preparation for my holiday.  

Nivea day cream, this is my second  bottle of this stuff. I'm not the kind of person who tends to stick to one facial moisturiser. I think that I am just trying a few different ones out to find 'the one' that I will religiously use for the rest of my life. The way this is going, this could potentially be the winner.

Anyways, the other week Elliot and I got our invitation to his sisters wedding finallllly. How exciting! They are so nice.

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