Tuesday, 7 May 2013

As If..

So my birthday was a month ago and my Muma bought me a camera. It's so nice to look at and takes great photos aswell. So it has decided to be poo & not work, it's so annoying considering I was planning on using it all over the bank holiday weekend. Hopefully wherever it was they bought it from will replace it as soon as because I want to start snapping.

Anyway, I went to a fancy dress party on Saturday.  All along I knew that me & Elliot weren't going to be able to stay for too long because we were up early the next day and I was driving, so I decided that it didn't seem entirely worth it to spend loads of money on an outfit. I was having a look through ebay when I came across a vintage tartan blazer with a velvet collar, screamed Clueless to me really. So I bought it for only a tenner...chuffed was the word!

If my camera was working then this picture would obviously look a lot freakin better....but no! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, we only have a couple of weeks til the next one. Woohooo.

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