Monday, 11 February 2013

Boot Fetish

I know that I have a problem when it comes to boots. I already own a number of pairs, but more and more just keep coming into stores and tempting me far too much to add yet more to my collection.

I think if I did actually purchase some, both my mother and my boyfriend might hurt me! I have been looking through Topshop far too regularly checking out all of the options but I know the right thing to do would be to steer clear, however, this has not hindered me from composing the below for everyone to lust over!

1. ACCENT Stud Cut Out Boots
2. SPRING Wedge Shoeboots - Too high for me but I want I want!
3. ADONIS2 Heavy Cut Out Boots
4. APOLLO Suede Ankle Boots
5. ALEXY Platform Chelsea Boot
6. KATZ Cut Out Strap Shoes


  1. Love 2 and 5. I have some dupes of the Alexy chelsea boot but wish I had just bought these ones first x

  2. New follower! Love your blog =)
    Great boots, I definitely need number 4 in my life xx

    1. I laaave them all! Thanks for following :) xx

  3. I also have serious boot issues haha. I love #4! I have no more room for boots & my boyfriend/mum would also have a word if I bought more...But I LOVE them.

    The Style Rawr!