Monday, 8 October 2012

Zaggora Love

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I'm not in the mood for work this morning at all! Bring on 5pm (it's only 09.45!)

So when I was about 16/17 my Mum's boyfriend introduced me to running as a way to lose weight.  He was a professional runner when he was young and run's up to 10-15 miles most days, so you can imagine the dread for a running virgin. Anyway, I ended up loving it and running everyday and losing about 2.5-3 stone in 3 months.  I've always had quite a bad back, and so was gutted when I did my back in and couldn't run.  When I tried to ease myself back into it, I ended up doing it again and then getting shin splints at the same time.  So under Doctors orders I know longer ran :( 

I ended up joining the gym in May, but found that everything that I did was never as effective as the running.  I have a massive issue with my legs and was desperate for a way to get them to slim down.  It wasn't until I found a little article on the Daily Mail about Holly Willoughby's secret. That's when I found out about Zaggora Hotpants. Whilst researching them I found that they promised that you would lose 2 stone in 2 weeks, and so naturally, I was dubious, but found that lots of people in reviews said that although that's not exactly true they still make a difference. So I gave in and bought them.  When they say that they make you sweat up to 10 times more, they aren't lying.  Without going into tooooo much detail I could basically wring out my pants by the time I got home.  Not only do they aid with weight loss, but they also help to smooth your skin as well & 'rid you of your cellulite'.  Which they most definitely do!! For the last month I haven't used them because I want to test them. So from next week I will be using them again, but already know that I will be delighted to find that I didn't waste my money! I would strongly recommend them!


My Mum's boyfriend is quite high up in his job, so has managed to get a few tickets for a box at the o2 for Radiohead tomorrow night which i'm really rather looking forward too!  I am hoping to get my camera working tonight  and get some pictures of the night and what i'm wearing :) So a proper outfit post.

Much Love,

Em x


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and sharing these amazing pants with us! My friends and I swear by running, it just seems to work the whole body fantastically. I also love to swim though - have you tried that as a method to ease your back pain?!

    1. I have, I was a swimmer for around 13 years but had to give up due to starting my GCSE's. I haven't started it up since then which was about 6 years ago. Really I should get my butt in gear because I know it would help! Thanks so much for visiting my page! x