Monday, 29 October 2012

Short and Sweet..

As we all know I have no camera, because of this there is a huge lack of photo's on here!  I only managed to get a couple of the Halloween party I went to :(  You can't even see my tights which is really rather annoying.  I did manage to do the make up though, although not great it did work! 

Brilliant, the only 'proper' picture I get and I look like a big black blob! At least Elliot looks good I suppose.

I have to say this was right at the end of the night and the alcoholic beverages had been flowing for quite some time! Not the best quality due to ancient iphone but I thought my Spidey was cute..

Completely away from Halloween, I feel the need to introduce you to THE most lovely little lady ever...Dotty.

I forgot to ask, i'm trying to sell some clothes.  I have never sold anything on ebay before because of all the fee's that you have to pay, but i'm desperate for some room at home and also some monies.  Is ebay worth it? 

Emily x

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