Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get in my Wardrobe!

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As much as I love Topshop and wish to god that I had the whole shop, my bank balance doesn't quite stretch to that :'(  I thought I would post some bits that I need (note: when I say need I mean need)

1.  You may notice there isn't a link to the dress, this being because when I went  to buy it yesterday it had been taken off of the website, but was there on Monday. I shed a small tear.  I have been desperate for this since I saw it on the website but was waiting to get paid and unfortunately for me payday just did not come around quick enough. So I will most definitely be checking the 'Back in Stock' section on the website daily to make my purchase.

2.  These socks are just so blimin' cute! Plus I am sucker for socks, my drawer is literally bursting with them.  I am hoping to pair them with my laaaavely asos boots at some point.  

3.  ohhhhh, this bag is just wonderful.  Not sure it needs much more than that! 

4.  I'm loving the whole army/camo look that is about at the moment.  This shirt is a bit different from the norm that is around which is why I love it so much.  It's by Unique at Topshop and at £80 is quite expensive, however I can imagine really rather worth it!

5.  I love rings, I literally have so many it's unreal.  This heart wing ring is right up my street so would be a great investment to add to my collection.

Unfortunately for me I don't have a spare £171 lying around.  It's my sisters 18th in a couple of weeks so, being the amazing sister that I am, I have been preparing for this by buying her presents, my outfit and also little bits and pieces to make it all that little bit special for her.  Which means these Topshop beauties will have to wait.

Emily x

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  1. OMG the bag!!! That bag is divine, and the other beauts on this list, you need to add a GFC button kitten so I can follow your bog xxxx

    1. I know, it's utterly amazing! Completely forgot about GFC haha thanks for the reminder xx

  2. I am in love with that bag!! congrats for starting a blog, it's brilliant!
    happy to be your first follower!! xx
    pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain..
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

    1. Hi Alice, thanks so much for following. I didn't even realise verification was on. Sorry xx

  3. I love the dress! Shame they took it off the website!

    Laura x

    1. Tell me about it Laura, I was so gutted!