Friday, 12 October 2012

Bring Me Joy


I had never heard of Joy before until I was in Greenwich with my boyfriend last year and dragged him in there. I was so chuffed when I did because the clothes are bloody nice! Here are a few bit's I'm loving at the moment...

1.  I have always loved the whole gold on black or silver on black thing.  I think it tends to really make a dressy outfit for this time of year and is perfect for everyone's busy, social and partying schedules.

2.   This jumper is just so blimin' adorable.  They have a few other designs herehere and here, the latter featuring in Grazia.  

3.   My favourite colour is yellow.  I don't particularly wear a huge amount of it because I think it can often be quite an intimidating colour.  But this jacket is just perfect.  It's practically the same as my current winter coat that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas last year from joy in beige, but I want it so baaaaad!

4.  The print on this skirt is lovely! The colours of the flowers just give it a really autumnal feel and would be so nice to wear during the coming weeks.

5.  I love a little bag.  Something that will fit just the key pieces in for your night out, but that also manages to really make an outfit.  This definitely is the bag!


I made a couple a cheeky little purchases recently and am really very happy with them :)

These pieces are all handmade by a Chelsea at Little Teacup Jewellery.  They are honestly so nice and I'm really pleased that I came across them.  You can choose which charm you would like and there are loads to choose from! I am desperate for the ear cuffs and a layered chain double ring, but they are unavailable at the moment. But if you are after some really lovely unique pieces then I would really recommend you get on over to the website!

I am quite tall for a young lady, and finding the right length of dress/skirts or anything really is a right pain in the butt.  I was on Very the other day and came across this Love Label jumper dress that was all sparkly, so I got it in the XL hoping that there would be some extra length in it! It wasn't as much as I hoped for but I have kept it anyways...

I LOVE the zip detail on this, and can't wait to find me a pair of coloured leggings to wear with it!

Emily x


  1. Looove the yellow coat! also one of my favourite colours but I find it so hard to wear sometimes! xxx

    1. I definitely agree, but i think this colour is so nice. Mustard is the best shade of yellow for anyone to wear!


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  3. i so loooove the sparkly sweater!especially with the exposed zipper!cute!

    new follower :)