Monday, 22 October 2012

Clothes & Cake

I have been so ill, it's been horrible!  I can thank the rest of the family for contaminating my fresh healthy air with their devil germs.  The amount of tissues I have been through is ridiculous and doesn't seem to be reducing as time goes on either which is slightly depressing!  
Anyway it was my sisters 18th on Friday, and I had a day off work and decided to man up and go over to Lakeside in Essex with her and Mum to do some shopping.  I'll be honest it didn't last that long because Abi (my sister) was feeling rough to.  I wanted to stay for ages and find me some nice winter bits, but the fact that I could just about keep my eyes open and barely hear anything seemed more important to take care of than my wardrobe!  It probably helped my bank balance though, however, I did get some bits in Primark. 

This is THE warmest little cardy I have ever ever owned! I love the buttons, it has a proper Grandad feel to it.

I'm a right sucker for buying new pants & socks! When they are all silky and cute like this I simply cannot they were £1.70 each - Bargain! 

I had my eye's on this skirt for a while, tried it on a few weeks ago and didn't buy it and then couldn't stop thinking about it as sad as it sounds.  It's not something that I would usually pick because it's a pencil skirt, but my Mum managed to convince me to get it.  I really like it...(in voice of little girl in The Holiday)

As I mentioned above, it was my sisters 18th, and we are Harry Potter geeks. So a few weeks ago when I was looking on the interweb for a butterbeer recipe (cos i'm sad like that) I came across a blog by a lovely lady called Darla from the US.  It's called Bakingdom and it's amazing.  On there I found a Harry Potter cake, I actually almost fainted with excitement because I just knew I had to make it for Abi's birthday! The idea is that it's 4 separate cakes stacked on top of each other, each cake representing a Hogwarts house e.g. Gryffindor would be a red cake with Yellow icing, Slytherin would be green and silver.  Meaning that you would get a kind of striped effect of the inside.  Whilst the outside looked great, the inside didn't look so good.  This only being that because the cake was at room temperature the icing didn't have time to set and all the colours ran into each other when we cut it, but it still looked good.  I didn't actually manage it get a picture of the inside but I have taken one from Bakingdom to show what the inside SHOULD have looked like if we had put it in the fridge...

This is our version of the outside

I, myself, am pretty pleased with the outcome of this to be perfectly honest.  However, it took so bloody long to make I wont be doing it again too soon! 

Emily x


  1. aw hope you feel better soon lovely! I hate being under the weather!
    I love the Primark at lakeside, actually massive! I haven't been I'm a while though! Boo to lack of funds!

    1. Thank you, feeling a bit better today! You cannot go to Primark with no monies in the bank, you must spend money!! x

  2. Wow, this looks absolutely incredible! Good job!

    The Style Rawr!