Friday, 26 October 2012


I never really dress up or do anything for Halloween. The UK never make as much of a fuss as the US, which I really wish they would because everything would be so much better! However, this year I have seen so much more advertisement for this particular 'holiday' than normal.  My lovely pal is having a party at her flat and I though bugger it, I will dress up properly this year.  Not like last year where I made a very lazy attempt as Wednesday Adams in a stripy jumper & a black skirt with normal make-up :/  My boyfriend HATES anything like this, but I told him that he has to dress up.  That is when he come up with the very creative idea of Bin Man. You read it right, that definitely says Bin Man.  He reckons he can get away with going to a party where everyone will be making lots of effort in a binbag...I laughed in his face and told him he is going as Beetlejuice considering he already has the outfit from previous years.  He wasn't overly impressed!

I'm going to this party as a witch, standard I know, but there is lack of funds at the moment so I am just going to raid my wardrobe and throw some things together for a witchy look! I did go onto ebay and buy me some purple spider tights which are a bit cool...

Unfortunately, my pins are quite like that, but I will pretend that they are for now!

I do think that regardless of the outfit that make up is important.  I haven't got the steadiest of hand's so even doing my own make up at times can prove to be quite difficult.  So for some inspiration I had a gander on Youtube for some tutorials and found a perfect one that would go with my tights :)  Just hoping that my silly hand can stay still for 5 minutes while I do it.


I don't have purple lipstick, but I do have black.  So I will have to go with that!  
Hoping to get some pictures to put up next week.

What are you going as for Halloween?

Emily x

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