Wednesday, 10 October 2012

La o2

I went off to the o2 last night to see Radiohead.  To be honest I'm not their biggest fan in the world but they certainly aren't rubbish! Anyway, the reason that we got to go was because my Mum's boyfriend is a client of some big ole' company who want to keep him happy and so this results in sitting in a box watching a cool band with food and drink all evening for free.  That's right....I said for free!

You get in there and you get your own bar with a lady who serves you your drinks, sofas, a TV, high chair table and then like actual seats to sit and watch the gig.  I'll be honest I was pretty impressed and also applaud mother bears choice of men.  I managed to dig out my camera which is probably more ancient that I remember it.  I gave in using it in the end because my boyfriend's phone has a better camera.  I was hoping to take a lot more pictures, but you know what it's like, time kind of fly's and before you know it you're driving home again.  Anyway, here are a few pictures that I did manage to take.

I know you probably can't see very well, but the whole set up of the stage was pretty amazing.  They didn't have screens either side, just these square panels that move around the stage which acted as the screens!

This kind of food really isn't my sort of thing, but that's all they really had, and it was actually really quite tasty!

Apologies for the bathroom shot.  We are having our house renovated and this is the only mirror in the house that has a bright enough light. As you can probably gather this was what I was wearing, and once again you can't see anything in great detail because of my super crap camera.  That jacket is one of my most favouritest everrrr! 

Bring on Christmas! 
New camera = not shit photo's

I'm going to leave you with one of the songs from Radiohead that I really do like...

Emily x