Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Painted Lady

So, one of my Christmas presents this year was an Umberto Giannini nail set.  The colours are mainly dark which is what I prefer to wear on my nails most of the time anyways, so I was in luck!

Lady Stellar * Lady Luscious * Lady Love * Lady Gilt * Lady Violetta (Purple) * Lady Cloudia (Grey)

I am currently wearing Lady Stellar and I LOVE it!  It has really subtle hints of glitter in it which almost gives your nails a metallic effect.  It just looks a lot prettier than your normal black polish.  I haven't actually tried out any of the other colours thus far, but I very much intend to and if they are anything like Lady Stellar I'm very sure they wont disappoint me! 

Terrible picture I know, but you can kind of see the glitter!

I usually find that when at work my nails chip very easily whilst I am constantly tapping away at a keyboard, but after a couple of coats this stays strong and keeps in perfect condition.

An extra bonus is that it is now half price in Boots - only 6 quid!!