Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Make Up & Stuff

So for Christmas I asked for the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen.  I ended up getting 2, one from both my Mum & Dad (split family) but I don't care because I love it! It's so so easy to use, and if you are anything like me and you want your eyeliner to be even, then it really helps.  Not only that but it also makes it quite easy to get lots of different thicknesses too. I went out to my pals house for a night of Monopoly (worst game in the world!) and Harry Potter Scene It (which i definitely won!) at the weekend and thought I wouldn't go for anything too drastic, just my my normal flicks.  Rather than using my usual Mascara, I used the Soap & Glory one that was also bought for me for Christmas.  Its Thick & Fast HD Mascara. This...I also love.  I'll be honest there is just general huge amounts of love for everything and anything S&G!

I also may have visited Primark this weekend, it was only a couple of tops that I figured I would need over the summer so why the hell not.  Especially at £6 each!  I bought them both over sized, as you  do, its just a much more comfortable feel for me & I think over sized looks better anyways.


  1. HEY i've nominated you to do the Liebster Blog Award.
    The link is here :

    Let me know if you do!


  2. I can never achieve the cat eyes look! X

  3. I could never do it at first either, it took quite a lot of practice to finally get the knack of it! I have to say this Cateye pen has to be the easiest thing to use to get it right x

  4. I've bought it :) x

    1. Awesome! You need to let me know how you get on xx