Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Liebster Blog Awards

Hey ladies,

I have been nominated by Paresa at Skate The Unicorn for the Liebster Award.

I'll be honest I'm not totally sure how the whole thing works or what its actually all about, but I will do as the instructions tell me...

Liebster Blog Rules:

Thank the person that gave you the award and put a link on your post to their blog.
List 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions given to you.
Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
Go to each bloggers page and let them know you have nominated them for the award.

11 Facts About Me

1. Marmite is LOVE
2. I am Harry Potter Nerd
3. I am 5"10.5 (BFG)
4. I hate cheese with a passion!
5. I greeted the world on 2nd April 1992
6. Up until about 3 years ago, I would never touch nail varnish
7. I like to sing
8. I have an unhealthy addiction to ebay
9. I am genuinely scared of cotton wool
10. I am the eldest of 4 girls ranging from 5-20 years old

Questions from Paresa
1. Do you use other bloggers reviews to help you? 

Definitely! Its always handy to to see reviews on blogs to help you with a product. Especially when it's something that you are in need of!

Mascara or Eyeliner -and why?

Ooooo, I think I would go for mascara.  Purely for the fact that you can wear it on its own and it can instantly change the way you look, but for me eyeliner is never complete without some mascara.

Jeans or Leggings- and why?

Leggings all the way.  I can only wear jeans if they have lycra in them (god blessed me with generous thighs and butt!)

4. Whats your opinion on tattoos?

Love them. I have 1 myself and would get some more.  However, I want my tattoo's to mean something to me so wouldn't just get any old thing like lots of people do.

5. What hobbies do you have?

I'll be honest I can't really give you one.  I like to sing, but don't actually perform so technically I can't call it a hobby.  Blogging as well, I do enjoy that!

6. Do you use instagram?

I do ideed @emilyrousell

7. Do you watch youtube 'bloggers', if so who is your favourite? 

I don't actually, I would, however I know this seems like a poor excuse, but I live in the countryside ish so the signal at our house is pretty rubbish. I don't get any wifi in my room.  So unless I sit on top of the router I can't actually do anything on my phone or laptop.

Favourite makeup item?

At the moment it will have to be my Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner pen! Its amazing.  But overall product is my Mac foundation.  

Shops you shop in the most?

I'm a Primark bird, but I shop in all the high street shops to be honest. H&M, New Look, ASOS, Topshop and the rest.

10. What countries have you travelled to?

Spain, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Maldives, Cyprus

Whats your most listened to song?

It would be helpful if I had my ipod or itunes wouldn't it? But off the top of my head I would say probably Face for the Radio by my favourite band The View.

Questions for my nominees

1. Favourite Band?
2. Your favourite comfort outfit?
3. Amount of piercings and what are they?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
5. Most reliable beauty product?
6. Why did you choose to blog?
7. Reading or Glasto?
8. Lipstick or lipgloss?
9. Favourite food...ever?
10. Who's your girl crush? 

The 9 Bloggers I Nominate
Call Me Pepper

Look Alive Sunshine
Pastel Wires
Sincerely Coco
With Love Laura
Fabuleuse, Toujours
Margie Plus
Shes Brighter Than The Sun


  1. wow, i'm so honored, thankyou! i'll get my post up soon! xo

  2. Aww thank you! I'll put a post up soon :) xx

    1. I've done it :)



  3. I'm not really sure what its for either but hey thanks for doing it!
    Your a tall one like me haha
    and i also remember you saying you are a kent girl too?
    I also tried to follow you back on instagram but for some reason my instagram doesn't want me to follow anyone anymore! :/
    I'll try again later :)


    1. Ha, being tall is a killer! Yep a kent girl - I live near Bluewater, i'm sure you know where that is :)

      No worries about the instagram thang x