Friday, 7 June 2013

If I was a rich girl

(na na na na na na na na na na na)

Excuse that..

I recently came across a blog that introduced me to The 2 Bandits. To say I was in love was an understatement.  I would like at the very least 3 quarters of the bloody shop, but unfortunately due to prices one just simply cannae afford it. I think if this was an English company then I would be more inclined to purchase something. But the fact is, it's American, which means international postage charges AND potentially extra importation costs (as a colleague experienced just a couple of weeks ago - an extra £20).  It has a very tribal/bohemian/rustic vibe to all of the pieces, so I am gutted because it's everything that I adore in jewellery. However, my step-dads best pal lives in Brooklyn, so if I can raise enough funds I may have to call in a favour...muhaha.

These are some of my favourite pieces...

So this is just a small taster of the amazing stuff that is on there. By the looks of things I have a slight obsession with cuffs at the moment, but who can blame me?

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  1. Waaa, I love these! Have to head over to that store right away, bu-bye money!

    Fiona xo

  2. omg i just discovered the 2bandits, too! i am DYING over their bracelets- they;re so gypsy like. but why oh why must they be so expensive :(

    xo Marlen
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