Wednesday, 12 December 2012

You're a wizard Harry...

 I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour a couple of weeks ago now and ljkblocigdpavigbdpavbdkvb was it GOOD!  
I have been waiting for over a week to get the pictures off of Elliot to put them up on here, it excites me writing this as I think back to it. I am really pleased that I am in the generation that really got into Harry Potter, and pretty much grew up with Harry himself if you get what I mean.  It was such a good experience, and if anyone hasn't been I would definitely recommend it! 

Unfortunately for me when we visited, I wasn't the richest of person and so could only limit myself to goodies.  But I have a few pictures to share with you...

Fleurs outfit which I have always been in love with! That hat...

Owl bag that I most definitely wanted!

What I could afford.... :(

Picture heavy I know, sorry!


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